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Marilyn Gray

From: Marilyne Gray
Sent: 24 July 2012 13:22

Subject: Re: 8.5Kw Heat Pump
Hi, Garry.
I received the heat pump at 9.30 this morning, and the adaptor about an hour later.
The heater is installed and running, up 2 degrees already.
Many thanks for your service and help.

Jason Perry


From:                              jason perry [          ]
Sent:                               24 November 2012 16:12
Subject:                          13kw heat pump data
Hi Gary
Heat pump has been up and running for two weeks now on my 7900 gallon pond, small waterfall on but is now covered partially will 25mm polycarbonate sheeting. Hopefully you can open the excel spreadsheet which details its performance which i am very pleased with, will keep you posted.
Jason Perry

Colin Gill

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From: Colin Gill [mailto:]
Sent: 28 January 2013 17:12
To: Crystal Enterprises Ltd
Subject: RE: Parameters


Hi Gary
Just to let you know that the heat pump I purchased from you coped with the cold weather, coldest temp we had was -8 deg and it was consistently cold for weeks at a time. Unit was only drawing less than 1.5kw.





From: Colin Gill [mailto:]
Sent: 05 January 2013 12:10
To: Crystal Enterprises Ltd
Subject: RE: Parameters

Hi Gary
I have just checked and its drawing 1kw at the moment keeping the pond at 15 deg with the air temp at 12 deg so its doing an excellent job and I'm very happy with it, would recommend them any time.

On 2 Jan 2013 00:07, "Crystal Enterprises Ltd" <> wrote:

Hi Colin,

That’s great Colin and thanks for letting me know.

If you want to check what power is being drawn, I bought a £10

Meter from Maplin and found that the 8.5kw I checked was only drawing 1.2kw making it 700% efficient. “Very interesting”. 

I do not advertise this because I do not wish to advertise anything that is not from the manufacturer and I of course cannot check every unit.

But this sort of C.O.P rating is very much better than its competitors even the very much more expensive units.. 

If you do happen to check your units input power I would be obliged if you would let me know. Thanks. 

Of curse, you cannot check that it is giving an 8.5kw output, but if its doing its job with the required volume of water then it is logical that the unit is giving the output.. 

6 degree in 24 hrs is great in these temps. Once you get to your required temp. it is then only a maintenance heating of course. 

Kind Regards,

Garry Joyce


Crystal Enterprises Ltd.

Ed Burch



From:                                         Burch Schofield [Mailto:]

Sent:                                           30 July 2012 19:14

To:                                               'Crystal Enterprises Ltd.'

Subject:                                     RE: Part # 2207


Many thanks,


The parts arrived, I am just so impressed with your attention.  It is a treat long denied us by French suppliers


I will be sure to keep your details on record for the future


Salut  Ed Burch

Mark - 4.6m Customer Pool Project, Radcliffe


To give an idea of perspective Mark's garden

is 25 foot (Approx. 7.6m) width.

Pool size is Approx. 15 foot x 4 foot depth

(4.6m x 1.2m depth).

Approx. volume 4,500 gals (20,000 litres)

With a Crystal Enterprises Ltd

5.5Kw Heat Pump


12" Filter with 0.33Hp (1/3 Hp) Pump Combo set.


Please click on this link to view Mark's picture Gallery.


Jeff Simon - Active Air




Date received - 10/12/2011 - 1127hrs
Hi Garry
Nice to hear from you.
I think there figures look good .You must have some seriously happy customers
You have to be aware that the running condition will vary depending on age of unit to service intervals and how clean the coil is kept also outside temp all are relevant to power consumption.
If the coils is dirty and out side temp is low this will increase the power consumption
As in Cyprus my pool is 8 mtr x 4 mtr x 2 mts deep really i would think my 5 kw unit is too small
but when outside is never really lower than 22c it works no problem and off of a 13 amp socket ?
over 2 days [not nights ] the pool temp rose from 19c to 25c which make it comfortable to swim in
I would not like to dampen your spirit but even the top spec machines can not get above 5 cop so i would suspect there must be some variables in there some where.

Regards Jeff Simon
Active Air

Russell Brown



Dear Garry & All at Crystal Clear Enterprises.
I just wanted to say a big thanks to you for all your help and guidance before and after the purchase of my (50HS-A - Model No.) Heat Pump and pump and filter unit.
The pool is now fully connected up with the heat pump running great at a set temp of 28 degrees.
It took approx 5 days to get the pool up to temperature, but it has stayed constant ever since.
The heat pump was very easy to set up and is simple to adjust the set temp on the digital display.
Installing the heat pump has allowed family and friends to make full use of the pool even if the day is a bit cloudy.
I would recommend installing one of your heat pumps to anyone with a pool.
Once again, many thanks for all your help.
Russell Brown,

Mark Denford - Service Engineer



Received - 10/12/2011 - 1137am
Hi Garry
In reference to the heat pump COP rating I can confirm that my 8.5kw system is giving me a COP of 6.8 with an ambient of 3deg C ! I would also like to thank you for your help and support in setting the system up and I am more than happy with its performance to date . I'm heating my 3000 gal pond to 18deg C this winter and the heat pump is more than coping and HIGHLY recommend one of these systems !
Mark Denford
Service Engineer




Date Received - 06/12/2011 - 1820hrs
I had a mate around today (a sparky). Unit is pulling 2.3 amps so (I think) 2.3 amps x 240v = 552w (0.552kw). The unit should run at 0.7kw so it is only using 79% of the design power.
Unit very good.

Anthony Bruty




From: Anthony bruty []
Sent: 23 May 2012 05:19
Subject: clear pool
Hi there Gary,
Just a short note to say a massive thank you for all your help. My pool is now `crystal clear’ and all my levels are holding steady.
My air source heat pump is on and warming up the pool as we speak. (just need some sunny warm weather).
once again a big thank you, not just for the things I've bought (you've actually stopped me buying stuff I wouldn't have needed) but for the many times you've helped with advice over the phone.
I really think you should have a testimonial page then others could read about the great service I've received.
Many thanks
Anthony Bruty
`from down south.!’

Phil Harper - 5.5m above ground round pool put In-Ground



Phil Harper

5.5m above ground round pool put In-Ground




Pia from Berkshire - Oval 550 x 366 x 120cms



Pia from Berkshire

Oval 550 x 366 x 120cms



From: pia [mailto:                        ]
Sent: 01 June 2012 09:26
Subject: pia
Importance: High
Finally Garry,
I have sent you pictures of our pool and enclosed is a testament for your web page.
I have purchased the pool and it is fantastic great customer service I would recommend.
Pia from Berkshire.



Gary from Italy - 6.4m x 3.66m x 1.2m Oval Pool



Gary from Italy

6.4m x 3.66m x 1.2m Oval Pool.


Adam Thrower

From: adam thrower
Sent: 30 July 2012 13:25
To: Crystal Enterprises Ltd.
Subject: RE: Testimonial
I have an Intex 15ft round 4ft deep salt-water frame pool, containing around 16800 litres of water, fitted with a standard Intex Solar pool cover, an Intex 1600gallon/h sand filter/pump and an Intex stand-alone Chlorinator.

Before purchasing a Heat Pump I was running a 6kw Electric heater, which consumed around £22 electricity every 24 hours and would take over 3 days to heat my pool to 27 °C which then would need leaving on 24/7 to maintain this temperature, so it was time for a change, after a lot of research I decided to go with a Heat Pump as my new form of heating, I spent a couple of weeks ringing round and contacting suppliers, receiving widely varied advice and widely varied price ranges, then I spoke to Garry at Crystal Enterprises Ltd.

I found he was very pleasant to talk to and after keeping him on the phone for an hour or so he answered all my questions in plain English, because of his approachability and professionalism I decided to purchase an 8.5kw Heat Pump as he advised me to do, well I am so glad I did, the heat pump was a 'steal' at a fraction of the cost the majority of suppliers were quoting me, the heater arrived the very next day packaged in a very sturdy crate type reinforced box, Garry even supplied me with the water pipe reducers free of charge to enable direct fitting to my Intex pool, the Heat Pump was virtually plug and play, just needing an electricity supply and the water pipes connecting.

Now I have my pool sitting at 32°C constantly and my children have even been swimming in the pool whilst it was raining, they think it's fabulous they can get in the pool now regardless of whether the sun is shining or not, the heat pump easily manages to heat my pool, running overnight and switching itself off by morning after reaching the set temperature, the heat pump uses around £3 of electricity at my tariff for the 12 hours it runs overnight which equates to roughly an 86% electricity saving on my old 6kw electric heater, furthermore, one of my friends is an on-site air conditioning mechanic, he inspected the Heat Pump for me and advised the unit seemed to be well built for the price with quality manufacturers branded parts used, such as the compressor being the Panasonic brand.

To sum up, great purchase, great company, quality product with excellent customer advice at a fraction of competitors prices.

Very happy all round, thank you Garry

Mr A Thrower